Campeonato de Andalucía Bolo Césped Tom Rogers Mary Detheridge Barbara Land  Terry Mogan Mixed Winners

From 26th September to 1st October almost 150 members of the Federación Andaluza de Bolos took part in this year’s championships with the disciplines being Mixed Fours, Ladies’ and Men’s Pairs & Ladies’ and Men’s Singles.

Around 50 of the competitors travelled from various bowling clubs in Malaga to take part.  The games were held at Almeria, Mojácar and Indalo Bowling clubs with the majority of the matches being held at Indalo.

Months of planning had gone into this 6 day tournament and after the fantastic weather that we had been experiencing in this area over the summer months it just had to break right at that week!  The whole of the play on Saturday was rained off as the greens were flooded and this meant a real headache for the organisers having to reschedule all of the remaining matches “on the hoof” as it were.

An executive decision was made to cut the Mixed Rinks and the Pairs down to 12 ends instead of 18 and with a lot of hard work and pulling together as a team we managed to get all the games in.  All the finals were completed on Wednesday 1st October (albeit a little later than planned) and the winners were as follows:

Campeonato de Andalucía Bolo Césped Tom Rogers Singles Winner

Men’s Singles:    

Winner – Tom Rogers (Lauro B.C.)

Finalist – John Dedman (Indalo B.C.)

Campeonato de Andalucía Bolo Césped Linda Lester Singles Winner

Ladies’ Singles:      

Winner  – Linda Lester (Indalo B.C.)

Finalist – Doreen Hall (Indalo B.C.)

Campeonato de Andalucía Bolo Césped Mike Glitheroe & Gordon Kain Pairs Winners (1)

Men’s Pairs:  

Winners – Gordon Kain/Mike Glitheroe (Superbowl B.C.)

Finalists – Austin Crilly/John Henworth (Indalo B.C.)

Ladies’ Pairs:   

Winners – Barbara Land (Mijas B.C.)/Mary Detheridge (Superbowl B.C.)

Finalists – Linda Lester/Lois Swaine (Indalo B.C.)

Mixed Rinks:    

Winners – Tom Rogers (Lauro B.C.)/Barbara Land (Mijas B.C.)/Terry Morgan (Bel Playa)/Mary Detheridge (Superbowl)

Finalists – Mike Detheridge (Superbowl)/Garry Aldridge (Bel Playa)/Terry Groom (Superbowl)/ Jenny Aldridge (Bel Playa)

Having reached the quarter finals of the Men’s Pairs and having won both the Mixed Rinks and the Men’s Singles Tom Rogers of Lauro Bowling Club was the “Player of the Tournament”.

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